Berretto Lounge: Stockport’s Answer to Gluten-Free Cravings!

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Eagerly searching for a new gluten-free haven, my girlfriend Kaja and I stumbled upon a gem – Berretto Lounge in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

As a coeliac, finding a restaurant that caters to my dietary needs without sacrificing flavour is no easy feat, but this place quickly secured its spot on our go-to list.

We stepped in on a lively Friday evening and were immediately seated at a snug table for two – an early hint at the exceptional service in store!

Read on as I share our delightful culinary journey and the reasons why I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant for a satisfying gluten-free experience!

An Extensive Gluten-Free Menu to Delight

Having already browsed the menu online, I wasn’t surprised to find a comprehensive gluten-free section brimming with delectable small plates, mains, beverages, and desserts at Berretto.

The sight of Twisted Chicken Club sandwiches, halloumi fries, and more on the menu made my taste buds leap for joy (despite deciding days earlier that this is what I would have!).

Clearly, my past dining experiences at the Lounge Group’s other establishments, such as Brasco Lounge in Liverpool and Cosy Club venues in Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool, made me have high expectations about this place.

And now that I’ve visited Berretto Lounge, I can safely say it didn’t disappoint!

Indulging Guilt-Free in Gluten-Free Goodness

A gluten-free meal I had during my visit to Berretto Lounge in Stockport.

While waiting to dig into our main courses, Kaja and I started with cocktails and an appetizer.

I chose a Cherry Cola cocktail, which put a fun, boozy twist on the classic flavour. It was made with Smirnoff vodka, Sour Cherry MOOSE spirit, lime, and cola – nostalgic yet elevated.

Kaja went with her usual go-to – a Long Island Iced Tea, which she really enjoyed alongside her food.

After trying the halloumi fries at Brasco Lounge in Liverpool in the past, we opted to share them as a side dish, which came out crispy and salty with a smoky-sweet chipotle dipping sauce. They made the perfect pairing for our cocktails.

Enjoying our drinks and nibbling on the tasty halloumi fries excited us for the main dishes to come!

Savouring the Flavour: Our Delicious Main Dishes

When my Twisted Chicken Club Sandwich arrived on gluten-free bread, I was over the moon!

The buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, melted cheese, and edamame guacamole came together in perfect harmony.

Meanwhile, Kaja was equally delighted with her Korean Fried Chicken burger, consisting of buttermilk fried chicken with tomato, lettuce, banh mi pickle, roasted garlic mayo and Korean ketchup.

Although my meal was tailored to be gluten-free, it certainly didn’t compromise on flavour or flair!

Truly Catering to Gluten-Free Diners

From the prompt seating on a busy night to serving my delicious meal, Berretto Lounge left me feeling genuinely cared for as a gluten-free guest.

The staff made me feel comfortable about my dining experience from the get-go. In the past, it’d been the exact opposite in other restaurants, which hardly filled me with confidence.

With its vibrant yet welcoming ambiance and wonderful food, Berretto became an instant favourite spot for this coeliac. I could relax knowing I had ample tasty gluten-free options.

A New Go-To Spot in Stockport

Bellies satisfied, spirits high, Kaja and I ambled into the cool summer night, abuzz with our delightful dinner.

For fellow gluten-free diet followers, Berretto Lounge is a must-try when craving flavorful fare in the Stockport area. The extensive gluten-free menu means no more limp lettuce while your mates feast!

And fret not, non-coeliacs! While Berretto Lounge caters wonderfully for gluten-free diners, the globally-inspired menu has universal appeal – as Kaja can vouch for! All can indulge in the hearty mains, small plates and crafty cocktails.

All in all, a fantastic cafe bar embracing inclusion and serving up ambrosia for all types of foodie. This coeliac will certainly be back!

Disclaimer: This content is based on my personal experience as an individual diagnosed with celiac disease and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) who follows a strict gluten-free diet. This does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a medical professional, nutritionist, or qualified dietitian for personalized, professional advice.

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